We are on a mission is to serve provide our award-winning, holistic teas, spices and body products to Earthlings. Intergalactic expansion coming soon. 


Coffeeshops & Restaurants


Calabash @ A Baked Joint

"Customers can taste the difference in quality compared to the teas we used to carry. Calabash Tea raises the bar for sure."

- Tyler, Manager at A Baked Joint


The coffee you serve is well-thought out but your tea is an afterthought. Want to know a secret? Tea is actually the item with your biggest profit margin. And your customers deserve better. Serve award-winning, healthful, hand-blended tea for your guests to enjoy.  Choose from a variety of our tea blends or work with us to customize a special blend.  We can provide the tea, teabags and storage/serving jars. We also love training your staff to prepare tea properly and lovingly.

Coworking & Offices


Calabash @ Cove

"Calabash's teas have added a new dimension of presence and homeyness to our workspace. Newcomers and regulars alike enjoy a mug of a rotating selection of hand blended herbal, black and green tea. Sunyatta's care and curation has turned Calabash into an absolute essential for us."

- Julian, Manager at Cove

Your members and colleagues work hard, and they deserve tea that works hard for them too.  Coworking spaces like WeWork and Cove serve Calabash Tea to empower our community's entrepreneurs.  Our teas are a great perk.



Special Events & Catering

wedding calabash tea
calabash tea wedding

Give your guests something they will treasure. Our "Self-Care Sachets" are perfect for weddings, parties, and special events.   We also cater beverages at large events and parties.  Contact us today to create a special menu with us.

calabash tea wedding


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